We titled this photo simply, "Vicki's Fish." Vicki is the diver in this photo and Art is the photographer. The photo was taken on the Great Barrier Reef at the Cod Hole off Lizard Island. Vicki is petting the Potato Cod which probably weighs 500 pounds or more. Note that its head is as big as Vicki! For the camera buffs, I used a Nikonos 5 and Kodak ASA 64 slide film. Sadly, the digitized copy quality is not terrific but we didn't have a digital camera in 1993.



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NOTICE: FlyDiver, llc has been shut down and we no longer sell or service Verner or JCV Motor products. All warranties have been honored. The decision to close the business was, in roughly equal parts, driven by economics and pending retirement. To all our customers, thank you for doing business with us but it is time to move on. One last item on the ToDo list: Mike Robinson, deadbeat owner of Paratoys, stiffed us for the last engine we sold him, despite a very generous payment plan and discount. Come on Mike, Man up and pay up!


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